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Fan Jean

Fan Jean, is an artist who has not limited herself with only paintings, being that she is also a singer, a dancer, an international fashion designer, a poet, a writer, and most importantly China's first global yoga communication guru. Jean is optimistic, enterprising, studious, and love to explore the world throughout her own life and experience. Jean has travelled around the world twice already and currently she is planning making the third trip. Although, Jean has not received proper education in art similar to Van gogh and Henry rouso, but their fervor and talent for art elevated them to the pinnacle of art. Jean also forms her unique style, which is full of vitality and imagination in her works, like chagall's and Matisse, sometimes realistic, sometimes freewheeling, and sometimes unfilled. She's in the fashion of the 21st century world art, one of the most promising artists of our time. Her inspiration comes from her subconscious, from her rich experience and imagination. There are millions of artists in the world today, and there are countless great artists, yet no artist has had as much experience as she is -- this is the most amazing intangible asset.